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All Swabbies on Deck

Davy Jones? Dead. Jack Sparrow? Out of the window. Barbossa? Wiped out.
Even the toughest pirates just sit at home and howl quietly: For the cruel spirit of the heartless pirate is wreaking its murderous havoc! The Caribbean is no longer the free pirate playground it once was.

But these threatening circumstances won't stop you from embarking on the greatest treasure hunt of your life! As amateur buccaneers, you incompetent landlubbers enter a chaotic world full of humour and danger - and brave your way through the once bustling pirate hotspots and the dense jungle of Isla Bonita.

Will you manage to find the glorious treasure before the ghost of the heartless pirate snatches you up?

Lie! Cheat! Utilise the dark voodoo magic! Or don't you have what it takes to be a real pirate? Hahahaha! (imagine an evil laugh here)

  • A fantastic, immersive adventure full of fun tasks, exciting twists and turns and plenty of winks under the eye patch.

  • Ideal for fans of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Monkey Island".

  • From 16 years (from 12 years accompanied by adults)

  • Price: from €29.75 per person

This is what our players say
Five Star Rating
An escape room of superlatives
Our visit to Dream Labs will forever remain a special memory. Not a classic escape room, but an adventure like no other. From the setting to the puzzles, everything was created with an incredible amount of attention to detail and surprising effects. The 1.5-hour journey from Leipzig was definitely worth it and we can hardly wait to come back when Cyber Punk opens its doors.
Five Star Rating
A Must-Do in Franconia
Wow, designed with so much love and detail. A must if you like escape games or are in the region. Really great...
Christoph F
Five Star Rating
Super gut!
Super great! Mega beautiful backdrops! Exciting puzzles!
It was an exciting "dream"
Gladly again anytime!
Great team!
Tara-Maria M
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Get a digital voucher or have a physical gift with voucher sent to you or the recipient. The recipient can book the game themselves on our website by using the code on the gift card.
How can I play at your place?
You can see all available dates in the booking calendar on our website and book your preferred date directly. For organisational reasons, it is not possible to play spontaneously without a booking or to reserve dates without obligation.
Who can play?
There are no special requirements in terms of physical fitness or mobility. In principle, anyone who has no particular physical limitations can play. Some games have individual instructions and restrictions, which you can find in the game description.
Can I manage that?
Yes, of course. You don't need any previous knowledge or special skills. Our escape rooms are designed for you to have fun. Our game masters will look after you and help you if you get stuck.
Should I be afraid?
No. Our escape rooms are mysterious, challenging and exciting, but you don't have to be afraid that something will happen to you or that you won't be able to get out.
Will I be locked up?
No. The rooms are quite spacious, nobody is forced to do anything they don't want to do, and you can leave the room at any time if you feel uncomfortable.
From what age can you play?
You can play all games from the age of 16 without being accompanied by an adult. Younger players from the age of 12 years are also possible with an accompanying adult. You will find the individual age recommendation with the games. You know your children best and decide what they are allowed to play.
How does the game work?
Our games are unique immersive experiences. Just turn up at the booked time, wear normal, comfortable clothing and embark on an adventure. You don't need any special prior knowledge or skills.
When should we arrive?
Our games start directly at our front door. Please arrive punctually at the booked time. The game starts on time and entry before or after the booked time is not possible for organisational reasons. Once you have entered the Dream Labs, you are already in the game. Nobody will be locked in and you can leave the premises at any time.
We've had 10 beers, can we play?
Of course. But not our games. Drunk players are not allowed and cannot take part in the game. If you're going to celebrate, please do so after the game.
Can I bring my hamster with me?
Of course, but only if it is stuffed. Otherwise, no animals are allowed.
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Finde den Fluchtweg und entkomme den Slenderpunk
Finde den Fluchtweg und entkomme den Slenderpunk
Finde den Fluchtweg und entkomme den Slenderpunk